A foreign company may operate in the state of Alaska by submitting the Certificate of Registration (Form 08-497) either through the online filing method or the PDF application that must be mailed after completing. The filing fee for a foreign LLC is $350 that must be paid by credit card, if the online filing is chosen, or by check if filing with the PDF form.

Before an individual can apply they must first make sure that the name they want to use has not been taken by another entity. This process can be completed by using the Business Search Tool found on the government website. It is also possible to reserve a name for 120 days by filing a Name Reservation application ($25).

How to File (Online)

Step 1- Go to this webpage and begin the process of filing by entering the entity’s information according to AS 10.50.615.

Enter the following:

  • 1-The entity name that must contain the words “L.L.C.”, “LLC”, “limited”, or “limited liability company”
  • 2-The home state, country, and date of organization
  • 3-The duration unless it is perpetual then the checkbox must be clicked


Step 2- Continue by submitting the following information:

  • 4-The purpose of the company which can be written or simply “any lawful”
  • 5-NAICS Code – See the Full List of Codes
  • 6-Registered agent name and address


Step 3- Please enter the following information:

  • 7-Entity address including physical and mailing
  • 8-Management – either by the members or through a manager
  • 9-Add and list all the officials

Step 4- In the last section enter the name of the person filling-in the application and then click the Proceed button.


Step 5- You will now be brought to a page that allows you to review all the information you provided and be able to pay the $350 filing fee by credit card. After payment has been processed the state estimates a 10 to 15 day filing time for the company to be mailed back to the applicant.

How to File (PDF)

Step 1- Start by downloading the Certificate of Authority (Form 08-497)

Step 2- Begin by supplying the following details on the first page:

Page 1

  • Check box that states the fee of $350 is due.
  • 1-Enter the name in accordance with AS 10.50.020 which states it must contain the words “limited liability company”, “L.L.C.”, or “LLC”
  • 2-The name of the foreign LLC. If the name the foreign entity has in another state has been taken in Alaska the applicant must file under an assumed name.
  • 3-State of domicile, or ‘home state’, in addition to the date of formation and the duration, or check the box marked Perpetual
  • 4-Purpose of the company along with its NAICS Code (See Full List of Codes)
  • 5-Registered agent’s full name and address
  • 6-Principal office address of the company wherever it is located


Page 2

  • 7-Management – either through the members (member-managed) or through a separate manager
  • 8-Name(s) and address(es) of all those that are at least 5% owners of the company
  • Signature(s) – all authorized persons and date


Step 3- There is a contact page attached to the form that should be filled-in so the state knows where to send the completed and filed forms. The check for $350, payable to the State of Alaska/CBPL, should be attached to the document and then all should be sent to the following address:

State of Alaska

Corporations Section – PO Box 110806

Juneau, AK 99811


Renewal– All limited liability companies in Alaska will be required to submit a biennial report to update the state with any major changes to the company structure. This process is necessary for your business to remain in good standing and failing to renew will result in additional charges on the following biennial report. Filing is simple and can be accomplished online. Click on the link at the heading of this paragraph to access the online filing portal.