In accordance with Title 10, Chapter 50 (Alaska Revised Limited Liability Company Act) a limited liability company may be created by filing online (Domestic | Foreign) or through the PDF applications (Articles of Organization | Certificate of Registration). The filing fee is $250 for domestic companies and $350 for foreign. The state estimates that the processing time for all applications is 10 to 15 business days with the completed documents arriving in the mail on the address provided in the application.

How to File

Step 1- Use the Business Search Tool to lookup and make sure that the name you plan to operate under has not already been registered by another entity in Alaska. If you get no matching results, most likely, the name is allowed for use and may be formed into an LLC. It is also possible to reserve a business name for 120 days by filing a Name Reservation application ($25).

Step 2- Decide which type of company you will be creating; a domestic LLC located in Alaska, or foreign which is an LLC already formed in another state seeking to operate within Alaska. Select the link below which corresponds with your business type to learn more about the online or PDF application methods.

Step 3- Depending on which filing type you chose there will be a filing fee, $250 for domestic and $350 for foreign. This fee can be paid via credit card if the online option is selected or by check if the applicant decides to fill-in the PDF application.

Step 4- For online filers the registration process is complete upon acceptance of payment. For non-online filers the PDF application along with the check (filing fee) must be sent to the State of Alaska at the following mailing address:

State of Alaska

Corporations Section – PO Box 110806

Juneau, AK 99811

Step 5- After the LLC has been filed and processed the individual who made the filing will need to file the Initial Report. This is a form that is only available to be filed online and is free of charge (domestic LLCs only).


EIN– Generally all LLCs will require an EIN in order to stay operational. An EIN is a number that is provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) through the completion and submission of document Form SS-4 or by completing the online filing on the IRS Website. An EIN is the way in which the IRS will identify your LLC and will be used as the key that allows your LLC to conduct all matters of financial activity. Without an EIN your LLC will not be able to open bank accounts or apply for credit. You essentially cannot conduct any important financial activity without an EIN. Obtaining one is a crucial step for almost every LLC looking to conduct business.

Operating Agreement– An operating agreement is an excellent way to avoid problems before they arise. An operating agreement, while not a mandatory aspect of forming an LLC, allows for the rules and regulations that govern an LLC to be established at the time of formation. Adopting an operating agreement is a highly recommended, although optional, aspect of forming an LLC. The link at the heading of this paragraph contains our free agreement template in both Adobe PDF and MS Word formats.

Renewal– LLCs will be required to file a biennial report with the Division to update them with all major changes to the entity. This report must be made by January 2nd following two (2) calendar years after formation in Alaska. Once filed, your entity will remain in good standing and avoid late fees. The link at the heading of this paragraph will take you to the online filing portal where you can submit your renewal application in a matter of minutes.

How to (Video)