In order to receive a Certificate of Compliance, entities must be in good standing with the state in which they are in operation. In order to remain in good standing, entities must ensure that they do not have any delinquent accounts and that they do not have any outstanding debts. Entities can obtain a Certificate of Compliance, also known as a “certificate of good standing”,  for a fee of $10 through the filing of online application forms.

How to File

Step 1- Go to this webpage and click on the Certificate of Compliance link.

 Step 2- On the next page enter the name or number of the entity.


Step 3- After entering the name you will see the search results appear below with the matching entity names/number. Click on the Submit Request button on the right-hand side of the page.


Step 4- On the next page you will be able to see all the entity details (to ensure it is correct) and click the Proceed button.


Step 5- Afterwards you will be forwarded to the payment page where you will be instructed to enter your payment information on your credit card. The filing fee for this particular application is $10.

How to (Video)